Jaimy Fischer

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Jaimy Fischer

PhD Candidate

Jaimy is a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. She has a bachelor’s degree in geography with a concentration in geomatics from the University of Victoria. Her graduate work uses big data to investigate how investment in All Ages and Abilities (AAA) bicycle infrastructure impacts ridership, safety, and equity outcomes for different population groups. Jaimy is also a graduate fellow with SFU’s Community Engaged Research Initiative where she is working in community around issues of mobility justice—a grounding for understanding the differential ways people experience transportation and street safety. In this capacity she is working to build relations with community service providers, Indigenous communities, and youth to advance equity and amplify community perspectives of safe and healthy mobility. Jaimy is a mountain biker, rock climber, and Indigenous literature enthusiast.

Research interests: Geographic information science, active transportation, spatial equity, crowdsourced data, mobility justice, Indigenous geography

Projects: Impacts of Bicycle Infrastructure in Mid-Sized Cities Study (IBIMS), BikeMaps.org, Interventions, Research, and Action in Cities Team (INTERACT)