Our research projects & initiatives focus on the interrelated themes of urban built environments, mobility, active transportation, road safety, population health, equity, and public policy. Partnership and collaboration are a central operating value for CHATR and so many of our projects are affiliated with other research groups, institutions and collaborations.


Youth, social-connectedness, and neighbourhood design in South Vancouver


INTErventions, Research, & Action in Cities Team

Mid-Sized Cities

Impacts of Bicycling Infrastructure in Mid-sized Cities Study (IBIMS)

School Active Travel

Children Active Transportation and Safety and the Environment (CHASE)


Readiness for Shared Micromobility: Public Perceptions in Metro Vancouver


The Canadian Bikeway Comfort and Safety (Can-BICS) Classification System

Hey Neighbour Collective

Understanding & building social connectedness and resilience in vertical communities

Social Connectedness

Supporting Social Inclusion and Well-Being in Metro Vancouver

Bike Score

Partnership with Walk Score to create a neighbourhood metric for bikeability


Mapping crowd sourced cycling experiences to make biking safer

Pedestrian Safety

Identifying Unmarked Crosswalks at Bus stops

Increasing Cycling in Canada

Increasing Cycling in Canada: A Guide that works

Vancouver Bike Share

Understanding a New Bike Share Program in Vancouver: Motivators, Deterrents & Equity

International Bike Share Study

The International Bikeshare Impacts on Cycling and Collisions Study (IBICCS)

Road Pricing

The effects of road pricing on transportation and health equity

Health Equity in City Policy

Smart Cities, Healthy Citizens? Optimizing Health and Equity in City Policy Making

Cycling in Cities

A collection of projects with UBC researchers & partners