Our research projects & initiatives focus on the interrelated themes of urban built environments, mobility, active transportation, road safety, population health, equity, and public policy. Partnership and collaboration are a central operating value for CHATR and so many of our projects are affiliated with other research groups, institutions and collaborations.


INTErventions, Research, & Action in Cities Team

Mid-Sized Cities

Impacts of Bicycling Infrastructure in Mid-sized Cities Study (IBIMS)

School Active Travel

Children Active Transportation and Safety and the Environment (CHASE)


The Canadian Bikeway Comfort and Safety (Can-BICS) Classification System


Readiness for Shared Micromobility: Public Perceptions in Metro Vancouver

Health Equity in City Policy

Smart Cities, Healthy Citizens? Optimizing Health and Equity in City Policy Making

Hey Neighbour Collective

Understanding & building social connectedness and resilience in vertical communities

Social Connectedness

Supporting Social Inclusion and Well-Being in Metro Vancouver

Bike Score

Partnership with Walk Score to create a neighbourhood metric for bikeability


Mapping crowd sourced cycling experiences to make biking safer

Pedestrian Safety

Identifying Unmarked Crosswalks at Bus stops

Increasing Cycling in Canada

Increasing Cycling in Canada: A Guide that works

Vancouver Bike Share

Understanding a New Bike Share Program in Vancouver: Motivators, Deterrents & Equity

International Bike Share Study

The International Bikeshare Impacts on Cycling and Collisions Study (IBICCS)

Road Pricing

The effects of road pricing on transportation and health equity

Cycling in Cities

A collection of projects with UBC researchers & partners