Suzanne Therrien


Suzanne Therrien

Research Manager

Suzanne has a Master of Public Health degree with specialization in Population Health from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor degree in Recreation and Health Education from the University of Victoria. She has a decade of experience working in project management on population health topics with multidisciplinary teams.  

Having many years using a bicycle as her main mode of transportation, Suzanne now enjoys watching her own kids learn the joys of cycling and exploring the new possibilities of family adventures with e-bikes. In addition to her work with the CHATR lab, she also works as a life and household manager (aka mom), and enjoys time outdoors, gardening, travelling and sharing a meal.

Research Interests: Active transportation, healthy built environments, healthy cities & communities, participatory research, micromobility, knowledge translation and data visualization

CHATR Projects: Impacts of Bicycle Infrastructure in Mid-Sized Cities Study (IBIMS), Vancouver Public Bike Share, Readiness for Shared Micromobility: Public Perceptions in Metro Vancouver