Pedestrian Safety

Identifying Unmarked Crosswalks at Bus stops

Taking transit to and from a destination typically involves crossing the street. However, not all bus stops have traffic lights or marked crosswalks to facilitate crossings at intersections. A lack of marked crossings at bus stops may deter certain populations from using transit, such as people with mobility challenges and seniors. This study aimed to 1) identify bus stops in Vancouver, Canada with unmarked crosswalks and 2) assess whether unmarked crosswalks are inequitably distributed across the city.


  • Of all bus stops in Vancouver, 8% (n=151) did not have a crosswalk or pedestrian light at the nearest intersection.
  • A majority of these crossings were on streets with two (64%) or four (23%) traffic lanes, but notably there were 17 crossings on streets with five or six traffic lanes.
  • Unmarked crosswalks were more likely to be at bus stops in higher income neighbourhoods compared to bus stops in lower income neighbourhoods.

Transport Findings Article
The Province Op-ed 


On July 7, 2020 Vancouver City Council unanimously approved an Amendment to the Transportation Safety Update to prioritize pedestrian safety at intersections with bus stops.